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Kiona Freelen, LPC

Kiona is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in psychology and Master’s in counseling from West Texas A&M University. She completed her practicum hours at Northwest Texas Hospital Behavioral Health where she gained experience working with adults and children who presented with symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance use and more. Having worked as the Head counselor for adult probation, Kiona has helped individuals involved in the justice system struggling with trauma and/or abuse, grief, anxiety, depression, attachment issues and those in recovery. Since leaving adult probation, Kiona has been continuing to serve the community as a mental health professional in private practice and is involved with both local and international organizations.

Kiona specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, and substance abuse. She also enjoys working with those struggling with self-esteem, depression, attachment wounds, and major life changes. Kiona is trained in EMDR therapy which helps clients to process traumatic memories and experiences. She has experience and training in using cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, DBT and somatic approaches to therapy. Kiona recently completed a flash technique training which helps desensitize traumatic memories while not overwhelming the client’s system. She believes that our experiences influence all aspects of our lives and that when we increase the awareness of our physical and cognitive selves we begin the process of healing.

Kiona is passionate about working with a wide range of adults. She feels it is important to meet her clients where they are. Her goal is to provide ethical and client-centered treatment using a variety of theoretical modalities to meet their specific needs. She believes that humans are resilient and capable of healing when provided the tools and safe environment to face difficult things. She finds it a privilege and honor to be able to come alongside your journey towards healing.